HyperSchool For Spin&Go & HU SNG players


Play in a team where the participants share total winnings! Learn more
are in pool
per month
per month

For whom

For professional Spin&Go players

Stakes 5-1000

  • Join and leave any time, no commitment
  • Flexible settings of stakes and multipliers that you can change during the month
  • Hidden screenname, rooms and stakes as an option
  • Online pool report which permits to plan your income
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For teams

From 10 players and 1 000 000 buy-ins
per month

  • Trial period and group discounts
  • Payment in one transaction as an option
  • Privacy of the group and hidden screennames, stakes and rooms as an option
  • Online tracking of your group results and monthly reports
  • VIP-support
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Bonus! GTO browser and other poker software for the entire time of playing in the pool

Advantages of our pool

The split is every 3rd day of
the month, no delays
Of the transactions are
sent in the first 24 hours
4 days
Is a maximum time-frame for receiving your downswing

Online tracking of players’ results

Exclusively with us !

How to start playing with us

Fill in the form and verify
your identity
Confirm settings
and rules, start playing

If you’ve already played in the pool before, just send us a message via support@hyperschool.ru
Confirm your settings and you’re good to go.

How players split the money

A player receives his poolEV plus his share in the pool swing.


PoolEV is EV of a player which is included in the pool. By default the influence of x12000 multiplier on Pokerstars and x10000, x1000/400 on Winamax are excluded from the EV calculation.

If a player applies custom settings to the multipliers in the pool, then his PoolEV takes it into account.

EV is the sum of PoolEV of each pool member.

NetWon is the sum of real money which the pool members have won. It doesn’t include a rakeback.

We sum up the EV results of each tournament played in the pool and all the Newton results, and then count the difference between these amounts. Each player receives a share in the swing.

Pool swing is the difference between expectation and reality

If the swing is positive, all players get a supplement to their EV. And the other way around: with a negative swing, player's profit regarding his EV is reduced by player's share in the swing.

The share in the swing depends on the amount of buy-ins

Until the 3rd day of the month a player:

Checks his tracking data on the site
Verifies the audit (PokerStars only)
Orders the hand histories

Until the 7th day of the month a player:

Receives the money if he has a downswing or sends the money
if he has an upswing


A free software for Spin&Go and HU SNG tracking
PokerStars Winamax
Works for Pokerstars and Winamax
Download For Windows OS

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