Benyya's interview

Benyya's interview

Two weeks without an interview! We don't know how you're holding up. We can't take it anymore. Benya, help us out.

Do you prefer EV-profit or rakeback?
I have always played only for profit, but, having not received a single bonus from Pokerstars for all this time, I thought about switching to another room. Unfortunately, on GG poker I’ve met some bot-like opponents, so wait for me at Partypoker now.

How do you work on your game?
I work on my game mainly in GTObase. In addition, after more than four years in poker, I still do not hesitate to take training sessions.

How many hours does a standard session last?
Previously, I could sit down to play for 4 hours without a break, but over time I came to a scheme where I play for an hour, with small pauses. Refreshing your mind is still important. The problem with this scheme is that a ten-minute pause can turn into a full-fledged weekend :)

How do you feel about bad beats?
I think that negative periods have little effect on my game and mood. But, for example, this year, after a three-month zero period, I decided to take a month off to reset my head.

Dogs or cats?
I have been rooting for cats since childhood!

How many tables do you play at the same time?
I play 6-7 tables regular spins on Pokerstars. On GG, the structure is much faster and you can comfortably play 9-10.

What software do you use?
I play with HUD on the pokertracker + StarsCaption.

For how long have you been playing at this stake and how quickly did you get to it?
I came to $100 two years ago. Raising $15 - $100 under the guidance of a cool coach took me six months. And before that I’ve been playing micro limits for two and a half years.

Who from our pool do you consider to be a strong regular at your stake and why?
In my playing time, I almost do not intersect with the regulars from our pool. I know for sure that the high stakes Winamax group in HS is very strong.

What would you wish pool beginners and guys with low stakes?
Beginners first of all need patience, because even a basic strong poker in 2021 is a large amount of information. And if you are not a prodigy, then you will have to spend a fair amount of time to fit this information in your head.

Have you played in another pool? Why did you choose HS?
Since pools appeared in general, I have been playing only in HS. I think they have no competitors in terms of convenience and elaboration.

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