Ivan_Helsing's interview

Ivan_Helsing's interview

We continue to get to know the players better. Van_Helsing is with us today!

Do you prefer EV-profit or rakeback? What is more satisfying? 
Since my main income comes from rakeback— it turns out that it’s rakeback. But I don't play a lot of tables and try to keep EV at the near-zero mark (by profit). It doesn't always work out, but in my opinion it's the most optimal way to play.

How do you work on your game?
I'll be honest: I work very little on the game, which is probably why I'm still sitting on 5s. When I do get my hands on the theory, it’s my friend Mouakk who helps me with this.

How many hours does a standard session last?
The standard session is 2 hours, an hour of rest, and then a new one. The working day is 8.5 hours. I try to play strictly according to the schedule, it makes it easier for me.

How do you feel about bad beats?
I take bad beats quite painfully, so I try to avoid such moments as much as possible. How? I'm just trying to go all-n in at the first opportunity :) I know that this does not give maximum EV, but as they say, mental health is more important :)

Dogs or cats?
I love all animals, but dogs are closer to me in spirit.

How many tables do you play at the same time?
I play 5 tables. I've tried more, but it's getting uncomfortable, the red line sinks a lot and pulls down the sweet EV.

What software do you use?
I don’t use any software.

Have you played in another pool?
Yes, I've played in SP before, but Hyperschool is still much better in terms of convenience. Hypertracker rules.

Why did you choose HS?
In my opinion, this is the best pool at the moment. There hasn't been a single issue in the whole time I've been here. Everything is at the highest level! That seems to be all. Good luck to everyone at the tables!

Oct 28