Mouakk's interview

Mouakk's interview

More interviews to the God of interviews! This time we're talking to Mouakk.

Do you prefer EV-profit or rakeback? What is more satisfying?
Playing for profit has its advantages, as well as playing for rakeback. Here you develop a different skill. To play a lot or to think a lot. Of course, the ideal option is to find a balance. I try to choose something in between.

How do you work on your game?
During each session, I note the hands that I don’t understand, a strange action on the part of the regulars or a difficult game situation. There are about 20-30 such situations per day. The next day, before the session starts, I look through them with a fresh head and evaluate them, trying to understand everything with the help of the programs.

How many hours does a standard session last?
My standard session lasts about 7 hours

How do you feel about bad beats?
"Bad beats", 🤣😂😉 sounds funny. I've been playing poker for 10 years now and there have been so many of them in my career that you just don't pay attention to them anymore. I usually think: "Well, there’s that. Again".

Dogs or cats?
Cats! My cat's name is Shami, but we will also get a dog :)

How many tables do you play at the same time?
Now it's the first month when I play 6 tables. I used to play 4.

What software do you use?
Simple Postflop, Gto Base

For how long have you been playing at this stake and how quickly did you get to it?
I've been playing 100-s for 15 months now, I got to this point after 4 years.

Who from our pool do you consider to be a strong regular at your stake and why?
For us, this is definitely Tossukarla for his non-standard playing lines and general aggressive game style. And also nemets1 — his skills have become stronger lately.

What would you wish pool beginners and guys with low stakes?
I would answer briefly. Practice makes perfect. Never give up, go your own way and you will definitely succeed. The main thing is to sincerely want it. Worked for me ;)

Why did you choose HS?
I was studying at Hyperschool when I switched from MTT to spins. At that time, I was playing the 15th stake on Pokerstars, it was in 2017.

Jun 26