Invite your friends to the pool and double your bonus

Invite your friends to the pool and double your bonus

So no one told you life was gonna be this way!
Clap your hands 4 times: after all, the news is just great.

We already offered bonuses for players invited under our referral program: for an invited player the first month in the pool is free, and you get his first monthly payment if he decides to stay in the pool after a trial month.

But now it has become even more interesting. Exactly twice as interesting as it was — only until June 30, though. 

Bring your f·r·i·e·n·d·s before this date, and your bonus for each will be doubled.

* The bonus is equal to the amount of the first pool payment of the invited player with an x2 coefficient. For example, if you invite a 100 stake player, the first month he plays for free, for the second month he pays 1 buy-in, and you get 2 buy-ins of his stake.

The promotion applies to players who have submitted a membership application before June 30, 2021 and is not valid for teams.

Payments are made until the 20th day of the month in which the first pool payment from the invited player is received.

Jun 18