ProNation_Drake's interview

ProNation_Drake's interview

Do you prefer EV-profit or rakeback? What is more satisfying?
I think that in 2021, most people play rakeback, and I'm no exception. Initially, when I came to spins, I used to play for quality without any rakeback, but now I found a balance to increase the number of tables and at the same time show a good game. I write notes for all hands, during the game I read them and remember which reg was playing against me and how.

How do you work on your game?
I don't spend much time working on the game, since I spent a lot of time earlier to find a certain balance of lines and now I try to use them as well. If there are difficult hands, I can sort them out in the solver so that in the future I could play a specific spot in a more balanced way

How many hours does a standard session last?
I set a goal for the number of tournaments per day, I play for about an hour or two and there can be from 5 to 10 such sessions during a full working day.

How do you feel about bad beats? 
I haven't been reacting much to bad beats lately, after all, time and bankroll affect things. But in general, if there is a long negative streak and opponents reach their 5% at all tables, it can make me lose my temper, after which I finish the session and can make this day a day off.

Dogs or cats?
Dogs, but I don't have my own pets.

How many tables do you play at the same time?
I start the session at 6 tables, after 10 minutes I'm already playing 8. When I feel the game very well, it's 10, but still I don't know how to play for quality at 10 tables yet. So 8 is my ideal option for now.

What software do you use?
Pt4 and Starshelper. And Hypertracker, of course.

Have you played in another pool?
No, I haven't been to other pools.

Why did you choose HS?
You really made a cool website and are constantly improving it for the better, that's why I like Hyperschool.

Oct 19