GTOBase: 5% discount with our promo code

GTOBase: 5% discount with our promo code

We now present you our partners’ software, GTOBase with packs for Spin&Go and Hyper Turbo HUSnG:

And that’s why it’s great for using:

— Comprehensive Solutions: almost all 2-way spots are covered with diverse pre and post flop bet sizings with solutions for all flops, turns and rivers;— Quick import and processing of hand history: you load the hand histories and they’re processed in the cloud;
— Leak detecting: use specialised reports to identify leaks vs GTO;
— Flexibility and autonomy: GTOBase runs on any browser and any OS. All calculations are performed in the cloud, so your PC resources won’t be used in calculations;
— InstaHand feature allows you to run instant analysis of any hand by copying and pasting from the clipboard;
— Continuous improvement.

Our special promo code is hyperschool. Press the “Subscribe” button in the Library section, choose your plan and enter the code in the special field.

Dec 18