Nemets1's interview

Nemets1's interview

How do you work on your game?
Uhhhh. I can talk about it for a very long time. Long story short: every month I deal with one topic (for example, BU vs BB, SB vs BB raise pots):

  • watching training records, it gives an influx of new information
  • working in the Preflop and TRP simulator, bringing my skills to an unconscious competence
  • calculating exploits in the Simple (this is how I train my poker logic) and so on.

And the most important thing above all is consistency!

How many hours does a standard session last?
Approximately 5-6 hours

How do you feel about bad beats?
I don't care at all.

I used to tilt because I was losing to regulars I thought were weaker than me. Then, as I searched inside my head, I realized that the reason was uncertainty. That is, I tilted only if I was not sure of MY actions.

So now I perceive such emotions simply as a signal from the subconscious: "You don't know this spot very well! Go check the solvers!"

Dogs or cats?
Dogs definitely. Cats are too arrogant.

How many tables do you play at the same time?

What software do you use?
I use everything :) But my base is H2N, InstaGTO, Simple.

Have you played in another pool?
Yeah, i spent about a year in SP.

Why did you choose HS?
At the time of my arrival here, the competitors did not have Winamax. Now I recommend HS to everyone. The pool runs like clockwork <3

Jun 15