You can use the new payment system MuchBetter for pool calculations. To ensure your privacy, we do not publish your phone number in the transaction list.

If you receive a transaction, your phone number will only be available to the sender. If you are a sender, the necessary data will be sent to your email address.

If there is an increased demand for transfers via Much Better, data sending may be delayed by 1 day. However, we will do our best to avoid any delays.

Payment system overview:

MuchBetter is an electronic wallet optimized for online gaming.

— Account registration and verification in less than 5 minutes;
— Instant transactions;
— Free p2p transfers;
— MasterCard for EU and UK residents.
— 0.99% conversion between $/€/£


When registering, you need to specify a valid mobile phone number, create a four-digit access code, select the currency and fill in the fields with your personal information.

You can do anything you need in the mobile app. It automatically enables two-factor authentication. After logging in to the app, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code.

Without verification, your transactions are limited, so you need to pass it to increase them. There are two levels of verification, each level provides more advantages.

How to pass the first verification level:

— go to any section of the mobile app;
— take a picture of the last page of your passport (or any other document confirming your identity);
— take a selfie on your phone.

The authentication takes several minutes.

First level of verification limits (the money that a player transfers to his MuchBetter account):

Per transaction — $48,940
24 hours — 48 940$
30 days — 48,940$
365 days — 48 940$

To pass to the second level of verification, you need to write to with a request to increase limits for a specific amount.

Second level of verification limits (everything, including deposits to your account, transfers from game accounts, transfers from friends/family members, and other refund and balance adjustment transactions):

Per transaction — 127 130$
24 hours — 127 130$
30 days — 127 130$
365 days — 127 130$

Ways to top up your account:

— Yandex-money (10$/€/£ minimum, no commission);
— Visa, MasterCard (10$/€/£ minimum, 0%-5% commission depending on the country of residence);
— Bitcoin ($10/€/£ minimum, 2% commission);
— Qiwi (10$/€/£ minimum, 2% commission);
— Bank transfer (20$/€/£ minimum, no commission).

Withdrawal fees:

— Bank transfer (250$/€/£ minimum, 50€ Commission + possible 2%, depending on the bank);
— Yandex-money (10$/€/£ minimum, 2.5% commission);
— Bitcoin (30$/€/£ minimum, 2% commission).

Full list of MuchBetter commissions.

Users from some EU countries* and the UK can order a MasterCard from MuchBetter. To do this, log in to the app, top up your account with at least$ 30/€/£ and order a card. Additionally, for $10/€/£, you can order a contactless keychain linked to your account.

*Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, French Guiana, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Cyprus, Great Britain, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Sweden.

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