Multipliers report

Hello everyone!

In March, on our streams, we discussed creating a report about large multipliers in the pool, which will allow us to track the integrity of the game. It is ready and already in use.

On our side, we’ve already checked the lost tournaments with multipliers of x100 and higher which were played in April — and found nothing suspicious. We also discussed that we would post HH of such tournaments in public, replacing the Hero name.

Here is the first batch of such HH

In the current version, this HH format can’t be loaded into the tracker – we have removed some critical data from it. At the moment, you can view the HH in text files. For the next check, we will try to solve the issue with a convenient replayer or make our own.

If you have any doubts about the tournament, we suggest you discuss them in our discord channel multipliers or send us an email.

We have not come to a consensus on what to do with the players who will be seen losing large multipliers on purpose, let's think together about the options. Vote here for what is closer to you.

May 27