Check your version of Hypertracker

Check your version of Hypertracker

New challenge: everyone checks what version of Hypertracker they have! If the numbers in the lower right corner are lower than 1.69 – sorry, you lost : )

Don't despair, it’s not «Game over». You just need to download the new version manually, the auto-update for the versions lower than 1.69 is broken. The old bugs that affect the tracking accuracy are still with you. And this is how you fix this:

- Exit the program (Settings – Logout) and close it 
- Delete the hypertracker folder from your computer
- Download the new version
- Unpack the archive and enter the program
- Check the rooms settings on the Settings tab, make sure that the paths to the folders with hand histories and tournaments summaries are set correctly.

If there are a lot of files in the folders, the hypertracker will start reading them anew and will slow down for a while and not show the current session. Keep calm, this is only temporary.

Feb 11